A daddy’s girl I’ll always be

Your first born love

made for the world to see

Held in your arms

shielded from hurt and pain

you whispered “my babygirl”

and told me my name

From first steps to first words

you watched your babygirl grow

and showed her something

that she’d always know

That her daddy’s love

is unconditional everyday

no matter if he’s near

or very far away

And even now it’s clear

for everyone to see

that no one can take away

what my daddy’s given to me

Even if a love

has left me with a broken heart

my daddy’s there to mend it

and remind me who’s loved me from the start

And when he put’s me in my place

after bad choices I’ve made

through my tears he shows me

that tomorrow’s a new day

From my birth to my death

and all time in between

My Daddy’s “babygirl” I will always be……