Sunshine in the Spotless mind

I write to keep a clear mind but my forecast’s always cloudy with a chance of scattered storms.

Floating high I get a sense of confidence and spot a ray of sun, only to feel the sharp heat of a lightening strike across my hand. You’re too high in the clouds. Come back down.

With feet planted firmly I take it all in. The battering wind, the swells of gust threatening to pull me away…. but I stay. 

Planted in place as hail beats against my head and tornados form before my eyes…I don’t move. And just as I start to sink, I see it. 

A break in the clouds, that ray of sun. So steadfast I look ahead, as the front moves to the east I only look west. The winds stopped now. It’s calm. I can feel the heat of the sun. I reach up and realize I’m floating again….but for how long.


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