Ꮚhat Ꮂt means

Being a black woman means choosing my words carefully. It means speaking with grace and poise and not with passion. I can’t tell you how I feel when I feel it because it might scare you. The tone of my voice, the crease of my forehead, the emotions escaping from my hands. It means making […]

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Black Lines

The smudge of her charcoal eyeliner felt heavy on her hand. Shit she thought. What was the point? Pretty faces blinked eyelashes full. Her mascara couldn’t do half. Highlighted cheek bones glowed golden peach. Only brittled scars from battle acne riddled her pores. Piling on concealer, layering walls covering tear streaks etched. Lips matted red, […]

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Weapons of Choice

“Can I borrow your pencil?” Sarah asked, in a barely audible whisper. “Nope. No freakin way, not after what happened last time” Jade responded almost violently in her whisper back. “Awww come on that wasn’t even my fault,” Sarah turned while answering Jade. Looking at her head on in this small of a confined space seemed as if […]

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I’ve got moonlight in my hands The warmth of a star so close to me can’t even comprehend This beautiful soul I see She’s got this smile about her That from the corner gently teases Coaxing kisses from lips so soft My heart skips into pieces It’s not often I’m silent in her presence Pumping […]

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The Golden Bullet

As most funny stories go, the intention of the actions are pure (for the most part). And so when I was asked to recant an embarrassing story from work I rattled through my brain trying to remember a time I was embarrassed at work. I’m such an open book, that I’m rarely ashamed or embarrassed about […]

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