Music Therapy…

I never understood what music did for me. I only knew how it made me feel. More than lyrics touched my soul. Every tempo, upbeat and 808 pulses through me like wavelengths stringing the pump of my heart. But I was reminded tonight just how deep my connection to music is. Songs I’ve heard a thousand times before for some reason seemed to speak directly to me. They were written for me. Maybe it’s with the clarity of understanding myself or the freedom of knowing I can make my own decisions without concern for other opinions but I finally feel like I’ve gotten it together. I finally see myself as above it all. I am light.



My Sober mind remembers but I drink to forget. A thousand memories replay, a million feeling of regret. Times of past that made sense then, but hindsight 20/20 makes me realize when, my heart was racing and my head was aching, all the stabs I was taking were just you trying to make me understand what I was hoping to forget. How many times can I’m sorry bandage a vein bleeding out, how many kisses does it take for you to just breathe out and exhale all the anger and despair that’s holding I you back. I can’t control your mind, how was I suppose to fix that.

Stupid Bitch

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a sentimental bitch.

Caring way too much what the fuck people think of her, always aiming to please. 

And if at anytime she slips, if at anytime she falters or misses….her worlds askew 

Tilted and off kilter all because she was mute.

Never finding the happy medium between caring too much or not caring at all, always high or low. 

Even the lowest of low opinion stabs at her heart. Caring to always be seen in a good light.

I really wish I wasn’t such a loving little bitch. 

Thinking that love can cure all. Ready and willing to forgive.

Being stepped on, taking kicks to the chin. Still smiling accepting the pain because even through black eyes love always wins.

Missed Connections 

I used to think I was crazy. That I was to overly invested in every aspect of my relationship with other people. I realize now that maybe I’m only concerned with my effects on that relationship without regard to outward influences. How can one be both selfish and selfless? How can you try to give someone everything you have and miss the one thing they need? Is the fault yours for not seeing, or theirs for not telling? I used to think I could fix it all. Heart filled apologies can be felt not heard. But blocked feelings can’t be reached. You can’t touch someone that’s no longer there. I didn’t know I had the power to hurt, I didn’t know you had the power to care.

Sunshine in the Spotless mind

I write to keep a clear mind but my forecast’s always cloudy with a chance of scattered storms.

Floating high I get a sense of confidence and spot a ray of sun, only to feel the sharp heat of a lightening strike across my hand. You’re too high in the clouds. Come back down.

With feet planted firmly I take it all in. The battering wind, the swells of gust threatening to pull me away…. but I stay. 

Planted in place as hail beats against my head and tornados form before my eyes…I don’t move. And just as I start to sink, I see it. 

A break in the clouds, that ray of sun. So steadfast I look ahead, as the front moves to the east I only look west. The winds stopped now. It’s calm. I can feel the heat of the sun. I reach up and realize I’m floating again….but for how long.

I dreamed a dream this hour

That made me wake and think

The frightful thoughts that drown my mind 

That cause my heart to sink

Are manifested subconscious hopes

Daring me to drink

The burning sands that fill my lungs

Fires raging in my core 

End it all…be done right now

Your suffering no more

Time again I whisper in darkness

This trouble too shall pass

But blink just once and time stands still

Yet I’m still wearing this mask 

My smile perfected, eyes casting great lies

My laughter projected

no one knows how hard I try

Not to end it all….be done right now

There’s away out of this hole

When I wake I’ll find how.


I promise I will burn this world. Scorch it darker than midnights with no moons. My mind screams constantly with regrets of missed openings, tiny slits that needed to be pried. Cracked doors that begged to be swung wide, quickly I walked past adverting my eyes. I will stand confidently alone. No props or side bars, no braces or crutches. No shade. Reminding myself continuously, that by myself, there’s nothing myself can’t accomplish myself. Letting my voice be the loudest one I hear. The only one that matters. Loving and soothing, I won’t need reassurance. I feel the candle flickering, the flame gently tickling. And soon….I will burn this world.

Just a reminder 

She was lost and she knew it. 

Looking for a corner to engulf her hurting soul, someone to finally make her feel whole. A piece to fix a broken half, but scattered shards can’t fix damaged glass.

She was defeated….but pushed through it.

Do not be meek, hold your head high, be bold be proud, it’s ok to cry. You’re not crazy or insane for expressing your views. You have every right to demand how they treat you. Mistakes do not define you, let the past be where it is. I pen this as a reminder to myself….you got this kid.

An ode to Procrastination 

There’s just something about the thrill of knowing I might get caught up. Racing against a clock set, but I had no say in the deadline. I know I shouldn’t, but each and every time I do it. The constant nagging in my head, eating away at every action. Why do I box myself in? I count down the days…..minutes…..hours. I prepare myself to do what I should’ve done all along…FUCK HOMEWORKKKKKK

Hollow Relationships

This is an ode to the often misinterpreted loves.

To the friendships that seem deep and knowing, when really they’re just a tally of who’s done what so far. The friendships that at one time seemed close, but lately just exists. The ones who’ve turned their confidant into a sounding board, just someone to talk at rather than talk to. Those close friends who can no longer determine if they hate you or just the things you do.

A toast to the parents who should be loving an understanding, but instead have become judgemental and demanding. No longer wishing for your hopes and dreams, but envious of your “unearned” success. Cause you know….you had it easy because of them.

Oh and lets not forget those lovers of past and present. Those everlasting, never-ending, enduring, name it, loves. The ones who said they’d never hurt you, leave you or deceive you loves. The ones who smile in you’re face and tell  you “Everything’s Great“, loves. Those tricky, conniving ……..convince  you the relationships “thriving” loves. You fall asleep next to, but wake alone loves. The “hey I called you”oh “i didn’t mean to text YOU” loves. The “I love you” but I’m not in “LOVE” with you loves.

Hollow relationships are hard to identify till you look internally and realize you’re not whole. You may walk, talk, and motion through the movements……but are YOU really there. It’s just a shell. You’re saying what you think is right….but do you believe it. You’re reacting how you THINK you should, but do you feel it. Are you there? Sometime you don’t know it’s not reality. If you fake it long enough, it’s easier to swallow.  Don’t be hollow. Say what you mean. Show how you feel. Real love will endure.