You just run to the arms of the one who loves you……

So yesterday my dear wonderful significant other, of almost 6yrs, said “sex with you is boring, that’s why I don’t wanna do it often”. I gasped in fake hurt. Am I really hurt by this? Yes…..Will I tell him that? No.

*insert peanut gallery*

“But how will you fix the problem in your marriage?”

“If you don’t tell him, how can he fix it?”

“Well spice it up for him!”

“Show him what you workin with… blah blah blah …..etc”

I am not a prude. I don’t lie still as he does his “duty”. For some reason however, my husband has come to expect porn star quality sex in our bedroom. Where did he get this notion, I have no idea (honestly it’s probably from the daily dosage of porn he watches). However missionary is a perfectly fine way to get the deed done. Am I all for backing that ass up? Sure…..on occasion. Do I want to ride him till the sun comes up? Not really cause I already don’t get enough sleep and that’s literally taking hours away from me. 

Since becoming permanently attached under the namesake of marriage my sex life has taken a streaky nose dive into very dark territory. Reason being…..I have no fucking clue. I never wanted to be one of those couples that everyone talks about. The ones that immediately tell you after you’re engaged to “enjoy the sex now, because after marriage it’s gone”. No. I just knew that wouldn’t happen. We’re young…..wayyyy too young to NOT have sex. Yet here we are…..not having sex.



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